Felix Harbour Launch Construction Kit


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This model is a faithful replica of a Hamburg harbour launch. Used partly as a pure work and transport vehicle and partly as a tourist boat, almost everyone knows these pretty little launches, which are indispensable in the Port of Hamburg.
Felix was rebuilt according to original shipyard plans of a Hamburg harbour barge. The aim of this design was to develop a construction kit that combines the typical appearance with the simplest possible construction. This has resulted in a starter kit that has lost none of its original fidelity. This makes this kit an interesting piece even for experienced model builders, not least because of its popular 1:25 scale, which still leaves a lot of possibilities open for fine details.
The hull is deep-drawn from high-quality ABS plastic with integrally formed keel, so that the installation of stern tube and rudder offers no difficulties. A bead for the bottom plate and the waterline is also already marked on the fuselage, so that the beginner has no construction problems.
All deck and superstructure parts are carefully and accurately cut out with a laser beam and the simple plug-in system makes the construction extremely simple. Furthermore, various motor bulkheads for different motor variants are included and the motor can be easily removed together with the mounting bracket at a later date.
An electric motor with articulated coupling is already included as standard, together with a stern tube shaft and steering gear.
All illustrated fitting parts are already prefabricated from wood or plastic included in the kit. The detailed building instructions and a building plan are specially designed for beginners.
For the equipment with a radio remote control and for driving you need the following equipment:
Radio remote control min. 2 channels and one servo
Speed controller 20 A, forward/reverse with BEC receiver power supply
drive battery 7,2V/2 Ah or lead battery 6V/1,1 Ah
Charger 220V or 12V operation
To build the model you need the following adhesives, fillers and paints:
Wood glue UHU coll waterproof 210g
Two-component adhesive UHU-Plus acrylit 30g
superglue low viscosity
two-component adhesive 5min-Epoxy 100g
Super-lightweight filler
Pore filler
Primer (suitable for the colour varnishes used)
clear varnish (wheelhouse walls, benches, doors, mast and gaff)
Colour spray red, black, brown, green and white
Brush varnish red and black (fittings)
The following tool is the basic equipment for building the “Felix”:
Handicraft knife with snap-off blades
hand drill
sandpaper arrows, grain approx. 300
sanding block
round file approx. Ø 6 mm
drills Ø 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 6,5 mm
sandpaper grain approx. 200 and 300
Wet sandpaper 400 and 600 for pore filler, primer and varnish
PVC adhesive tape or paper adhesive tape is still required for masking during painting. No crepe tape! A 3 mm wide adhesive tape is used to cover the waterline.
Technical data:
Scale: 1:25
Length: 634 mm
Width: 148 mm
Height: 270 mm


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