Futaba T2HR 2-channel 2/2/0 remote control 2.4 Ghz


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Futaba T2HR 2-channel 2/2/0 remote control 2.4 Ghz


The Futaba T2HR is the entry into the 2.4GHz FHSS class. The T2HR transmitter has a shapely, grip-optimized housing with integrated transmitter antenna. Ideal for controlling cars and boats. In addition to servo reverse for both proportional channels and the failsafe function, this remote control has other interesting features. For a more precise control, the path from channel 1 (steering) to the rotary potentiometer positioned above can be adjusted manually (DualRate). To achieve a more powerful motor control, it is possible to optimize the channel 2 (gas channel) in the control path. The neutral position is changed from 1: 1 to 2: 1. As a result, the way for full throttle is greater and can be dosed more sensitively. The built-in LED monitors the state of charge of the power supply. To power the transmitter 4 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries are required.


· 2 channel stick transmitter in 2.4GHz technology

· Suitable for Cars & Boats

· FHSS 2.4 GHz modulation

· Integrated antenna

· Fail safe function

· Battery-control LED (4x TypeAA)

· Dual rate steering, external rotary control

· Servo reverse function

· CH-2 stick neutral position adjustable to 2: 1

· Multilingual instructions


· Transmitter T2HR

· FHSS receiver R202GF

· Multilingual instructions

Technical specifications

· Channels: 2

· Transmission system: FHSS

· Frequency: 2.4 GHz

· Voltage range: 6.0V (4x AA cell)


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