Submarine Type VII Basic Construction Kit


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Submarine Type VII Kit
optionally as a stand model or in combination with the diving set as a functional model.
The Type VII was probably the best-known submarine worldwide, since more than 1000 units were built in different versions. This type is characterised by its particularly harmonious line shape, which resembles even more a ship than that of more modern submarines.
This model of the submarine type VII b is in its basic configuration a construction kit with all deep-drawn parts made of high-quality ABS plastic, which are required to build a pure standing model.
Who wants to make the model drivable and submersible needs the drive and diving kit. However, larger depth rudders must be used than the true-to-scale of the stand-mounted model. Subsequent conversion from a floor model to a submersible model is not possible.
The hull of the VII b submarine consists of two ABS half-shells, the submersible tank, ballast tank and the deck, which is deep-drawn from thin material, so that all slots and openings are clearly visible.
The tower structure is also composed of several deep-drawn ABS parts.
All fitting parts as well as the two cannons are included in the basic construction kit.
The technique: The diving process of this model is semi-dynamic, which means that a pump and a flood tank are included in the diving set, which however only supports dynamic (speed-supported) diving.
In addition, it is also required for expansion as a functional model:
20311| Drive and immersion set
Two NiMH batteries 6 V min. 2000 mAh (connected in series)
Remote control min. 4 channels with power supply for the transmitter
Receiver min 4 channels, one electronic speed controller each for the drive and for the pump of the flood tank
One servo each for the depth and rudder functions
Cables and connectors for wiring
Adhesives, paints
Technical data:
Scale: 1:60
Length: 1120 mm
Width: 125 mm
Height: 170 mm


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